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about us

"J.A.P.", spol. s r. o. is a manufacturing company, established in December 1991 in Kokory near Přerov.

Since 2001, all operations and offices were relocated to one common premise, at the address of Nivky č. p. 67, 750 02 Přerov.

In 2002, our company has opened a new showroom SCHODY & SYN – our main staircase showroom, located on Bassova street in Prague 9 (Praha 9) - Vysočany.

Our major objective is to supply door product of the highest quality to the market including a creative design and affordable pricing.

Our company is ISO 9001 quality management system certified.

For more than 20 years, your comfort has
always been our priority.

Company established by Mr. Adam Shampan
"LUSSO" retractable staircase, attach to the ceiling
"VERTICALE" retractable staircase from a vertical wall
Interior/exterior spiral staircase
Interior quarter-turn staircase
Extension of the interior quarter-turn staircase serie for so-called miller’s staircase Extension of the retractable staircase serie for LUSSO ZP and LUSO PP
Casing for slide-in doors
Sliding systems, hardware and handles
for sliding and slide-in doors
Stainless handrail
Grafosklo glass
Sliding systems Trix and Rollo
Glass walls
Extension of the retractable staircase serie for ARISTO
Extension of casing serie for Aktive, Emotive and Latente
Extension of the retractable staircase serie for KOMBO
Hidden hinged aluminium door cases
Aktive and Emotive
Design doors Master and Strong from
aluminium and glass material
We are still working on new products!

Our philosophy is to supply top-quality
door elements with creative design.

Petr Paksi, Executive Director


We have risen from a small regional company to a top producer in the Czech market. Our company has its own showrooms with professionally trained personnel in Přerov, Brno, Praha and Bratislava. Furthermore, it offers our customers the possibility to consult their needs personally with our representatives who are available for our customers, in the Czech, as well as in the Slovak Republic.

In our portfolio, you can find a wide range of door element products such as sliding door casings, hidden door casing, sliding systems, Grafoglass. glass walls, retractable staircases, stainless steel handrails and staircases.
J.A.P. casing models are distinctive for combining usefulness and aesthetics. Our casings are made in various types, such as Norma Standard, Norma Komfort, Norma Paralel and Norma Unibox. All casings are supplied in two options – wall mounting or drywall mounting, in a double-door or a single-door design.

In 2013, our offer of door cases was extended and new versions were added to the models Norma, Latente, Emotive and Aktive. Among our new products of 2014 were hidden door cases Latente, Emotive and Aktive. Where it is not possible to slide the doors into the wall, in this case our company offers a solution through special sliding systems mounted on a wall. Our sliding systems that are mounted on wall are offered in series Trix Zero, Trix One, Trix Heavy and sliding systems Rollo. Manufacturing company "J.A.P." is the top manufacturer of Grafoglass – tempered glass with laminated digital prints or textiles. This type of glass (Grafoglass) enables to harmonize your interior into one stylish home. Grafoglass can be used in many ways, for example as glass tiles for kitchens, glass doors or glass walls.

Currently, we offer 10 glass wall models to choose from that differ in combining glass panels, doors and lights. Our company specializes in retractable staircase production (attached to the ceiling or to the wall), with modern design and easy operation. We offer 3 types of retractable staircases –Aristo, Kombo and Lusso models. All of the retractable staircases are fire-resistant (fire resistance was tested in facilities in the Czech Republic and in Germany).

Other important products that our company produces, are stairs and staircases. We offer spiral staircases, quarter-turn staircases, side staircases and straight stairs. We provide and staircases for interior and exterior, made from wood, metal, concrete or combined materials.

Integral part of our product line are also stainless steel handrails, designed for concrete stairs, mounted stairs, balconies or balustrades. Part of the production consists of handrail casings, high-with clean and sleek design in mind, quality and casing assembly to the columns. The customer may choose from wire, rod or glass insert casings with clear, tempered or printed glass. Another version is to have a modern handrail casing, which consists of full glass handrails without columns.